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『壹』 新人教版小学四年级上册英语试题

( )1.Excuse______,are you a nurse? A)I B)me C)my
( )2.A:______is that woman? B:She is my mother. A)what B)who C)why
( )3.Don't______the window. A)open B)look C)go
( )4.What's the______with you? A)matter B)wrong C)that
( )5.This is my daughter.______is a student. A)He B)Her C)She
( )6.A:Are you a nurse? B:______ A)Yes,I am. B)Yes,it is. C)No,it is not.
( )7.I am______student. A)the B)a C)an
( )8.I go to______school from Monday to Friday. A)the B)a C)/
( )9.The bus is______the park. A)to B)for C)go to
( )10.I go to school______foot. A)by B)on c)use
( )11.A:Where is my pencil-box?
B:______. A)It's over there. B)This is your pencil-box. C)Yes,it is.
( )12.This is ______mother. A)his B)he C)me
( )13.I like to play ______football. A)a B)the C)/
( )14.We often play together_____school. A)in B)at C)on
( )15.______do you go to school,by bike or by bus? A)What B)Why C)How
( )16.Is that your______? A)pencil B)rubbers C)books
( )17.What are______? A)it B)this C)those
( )18.I go to school by______every day. A)a bike B)bus C)foot
( )19.______some juice please. A)Have B)Has C)Eat
( )20.______you free now? A)Are B)Do C)Is

1.B 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.C
6.A 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B
11.A 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.C
16.A 17.C 18.B 19.A 20.A
1.八 2.七 3.三 4.为,给 5.什么
____________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ____________
6.……点钟 7.时间 8.课程 9.语文 10.数学<BR< p>
____________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ____________
11.五本英语书 12.上床睡觉 13.起床
___________________________ _________________________ ___________________
14.等多一会 15.去操场 16.去上学
__________________________ _________________________ ____________________
It’s _________ _________ __________ _________,Xiao Ming.
__________ nine _____________.
_________ _________ ___________ ____________?
____________ _____________ _____________ , Jone.

1.B 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.C
6.A 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B
11.A 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.C
16.A 17.C 18.B 19.A 20.A

三 1.eight 2.seven 3.three 4.for 5.what
6.o'clock 7.time 8.lesson 9.Chinese 10.Maths
11.five English books 12.go to bed 13.get up

四 1.time for English lesson
2.It's o'clock
3.Is that your school
4.Let's go home

1.What's the time?
It's eight o'clock.
2.It's twelve o'clock.It's time for lunch.
3.It's seven fifteen.It's time to go to school.
4.It's ten thirty-five.It's time for Music lesson.
5.Is this a bathroom?No,it isn't.

『贰』 【免费】小学四年级英语上册语法知识点汇总(全)


『叁』 小学四年级上册英语试题

一. 选出不同类的一项
( ) 1. A. wash B. dig C. class D. shake
( ) 2. A. basket B. behind C. beside D. under
( ) 3. A. drum B. guitar C. piano D. eat
( ) 4. A. blind B. sharp C. blunt D. hamburger
( ) 5. A. thing B. see C. hear D. smell
二. bedroom sitting-room dining-room bathroom kitchen

1. I can eat in the . 2. I can sleep in the .
3. I can watch TV in the . 4. I can take a bath in the .
5. I can cook in the .
6. My name (is, am, are) Ben. 7. The girl (is, am, are) hungry.
8. I (is, am, are) a girl. 9. She has got (a, an, the) ball.
10. There (is, am, are) some oranges on the table.
11. He has got (a, an, the) ball. It’s for (me, my).
三. 用所给词的正确形式填空
1. (they) toys are new. But (we) toys are old.
2. (that) desks are very clean.
3. your sister (like) dolls? Yes.
4. (be) there any students in the hall? No.
5. Look! My teacher can (write) very well.
6. (not open) the window. It’s cold.
四. 英汉互译
1. 那一个女孩 2. 一个新的医生
3. 她的朋友 4. 买一些梨
5. 三个男警察 6. 穿着白色的外套
7. climb trees 8. Let’s hurry.
9. which one 10. twenty-one years old
五. 选择填空
( ) 1. Eddie can play drum. A. a B. / C. the
( ) 2. Look at the dog. ears are long.
A. Its B. Their C. It’s
( ) 3. The boy can . Look! He .
A. cooking; cook B. cook; is cooking C. cook; cooking
( ) 4. is my little brown dog? It’s in the box.
A. What B. Where C. Whose
( ) 5. What is it? It’s brown.
A. colour B. shape C. are
( ) 6. Where are the sheep? on the grass.
A. It’s B. They’re C. There are
( ) 7. How many children Class 3A have pets? A. on B. in C. behind
六. 阅读短文,选择正确的答案
Look! This is our new classroom. It’s big and beautiful. Let’s go into the
classroom and have a look. The blue door is in the wall. There are 51 desks and 52 chairs on the floor. The black computer is on the teacher’s desk. That is my seat. My seat is near the window. We love our classroom.
( ) 1. Where is the door?
A. The door is in the wall.
B. The door is in the window.
C. The door is near the wall.
( ) 2. What colour is the door?
A. It’s red. B. It’s white. C. It’s blue.
( ) 3. How many chairs are there in the classroom?
A. Fifty-one. B. Fifty-two. C. Fifty-three.
( ) 4. Are the desks on the floor?
A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. Yes, it is.
( ) 5. Where is the computer?
A. It’s on the teacher’s desk. B. It’s in the wall. C. It’s in the door.

『肆』 小学四年级英语教材上册的单词

Unit 1
window 窗户 have 有 board 写字板
new 新的 light 灯,灯管 go 去
picture 画,图画 where 在......哪里 door 门
computer 计算机 floor 地板 teacher’s desk 讲台
classroom 教室 wall 墙 many 许多的
fan 扇子,电扇 our 我们的 clean 打扫,清洁
classmate 同学 good idea 好主意 have a look 看一看
all right 好吧,好的 seat 座位 good job 干的好
ear 在......的旁边 you 你 what 什么
see 看 in 在......里面 me 我
the 这个,这里 look at 看...... we 我们

Unit 2
Chinese book 语文书 pencil 铅笔 English book 英语书
twenty-one 二十一 math book 数学书 thirty-one 三十一
schoolbag 书包 forty-one 四十一 story-book 故事书
fifty 五十 notebook 笔记本 too many 太多了
color 颜色 too many 太多了 fat 胖的
heavy 重的;沉重的 may 可以 what’s=what is
sure 当然可以 sorry 对不起 here you are 给你
book 书 bag 包 ruler 尺子
pen 钢笔 pencil-case 铅笔盒

Unit 3
long hair 长头发 short hair 短头发 thin 瘦的
strong 健壮的 quiet 安静的 friend(s) 朋友(复数)Chinese 中国的 like 喜欢 ......is 他的
photo 照片 has 有 name 名字
he 他 teacher 教师 student 学生
music 音乐 science 科学 sports 体育运动
computer game 电脑游戏 painting 绘画her 她的 she 她
right 对的;正确的 boy 男孩
girl 女孩 friend 朋友

Unit 4
study 书房 bathroom 卫生间 bedroom 卧室
living room kitchen 厨房 it's=it is
hey 嘿 fish 鱼 isn't=is not
here 这里 home 家 room 房间
school 学校 classroom 教室 phone 电话
bed 床 sofa 沙发 shelf 书架
fridge 冰箱 table 桌子 they 他们
aren't=are not they're=they are key 钥匙
open 打开 look 看 please 请
on 在……上面 no 不;不是 window 窗户
desk 课桌;书桌 door 门 chair 椅子
bed 床

Unit 5
rice 米饭 fish 鱼 noodle(s) 面条(复数)
beef 牛肉 vegetable 蔬菜 soup 汤
have 吃 dinner 晚餐;正餐 wait 等
I'd like=I would like bread 面包 milk 牛奶
egg 蛋 water 水 hungry 饥饿的
for 为;给 thank you 谢谢你 knife 刀
chopstick(s) 筷子(复数) spoon 勺子 plate 盘子
fork 叉子 help 帮助;帮忙 pass 传递
ready 准备好了 try 常识;试一下 help yourself 随便吃
show 展示 yummy 好吃的 food 食物
use 使用 chicken 鸡肉 fish 鱼

Unit 6
family 家庭 parents 父母 uncle 叔叔;舅舅
aunt 姑姑;婶;姨 baby 婴儿 people 人
member 成员 only 只有;仅仅 puppy 小狗
gee 用以表示惊奇、赞赏 come 来 who 谁
sister 姐妹 brother 兄弟 father 父亲;爸爸
baseball player棒球运动员 driver 司机 doctor 医生
farmer 农民 nu日se 护士 look 看上去;看;瞧
young 年轻的


『伍』 PEP(新人教版)小学四年级上册英语光盘


『陆』 小学四年级上册英语

Unit 1 第一单元
(一)----Hello , Mike. 喂,迈克。
-Hi , Amy. This is Zhang Peng , our new classmate. 嗨艾米。这个是张鹏,我们的新同学。 ---- Mike , we have a new classroom. 我们有一个新教室。 ----Rwally?Let’s go and have a look. 去 ----Wow! It’s so big! We have six new lights. ----Look, this is my new desk.
----Where’s my seat ? 我的座位在哪里? ----It’s near the door.在靠近门的地方。 重要句型:
①This is + 人或者物品 意思是:这是„„
②We have a new classroom. 我们有一个新教室。 其中have 是“有”的意思。 ③Let’s go and have a look. 让我们去看看吧。 ④----Where’s my seat ? 我的座位在哪里? ----It’s near the door.在靠近门的地方。
Where 是对地点的提问,后面的答语要出现地点的相关词语。 (二)
----Good morning. Let’s clean the classroom. 早上好,让我们打扫教室吧。 ----Good idea. 好主意。
---- Let’s clean the desks and chairs.让我们擦桌子和椅子吧。 ----All right. 非常好。
----Let me clean the window. 让我来擦窗户。 ---- Let me clean the board. 让我来擦黑板。 ----Look at the picture. 看这幅画。 ----It’s nice. 非常漂亮
---- Good morning, Miss White. 早上好,白小姐。
----Wow! It’s nice and clean. Good job. 哇!好漂亮,干得好。 重要句型:1、let’s„„ 是“让我们„„” 如:Let’s clean the classroom. Let’s clean the desks and chairs. 2、Let me „„ 是“让我„„” 如:Let me clean the window. Let me clean the board. 3、Look at the picture. Look at 是“看„„”的意思。如:Look at the boy. 看这个男孩。 4、Good job.意思是:干得好。对别人做好某事的一种称赞。 二、精彩句子:
1、What’s in the classroom ? 什么在教室里? 2、There are many desks and chairs .有一些镯子和椅子。(and 连接两个并列短语,前后单复数要一致。) 3、We have fun every day. 我们每天都有有趣的事情。
4、The is on the desk. 书在桌子上面。The is in the desk. 书在桌子里。
on 是在物体的上面,in 物体的里面。
5、I’m ill, I want to see a doctor. 我病了,我想去看医生。
6、Class, this is our new classmate, zhang Peng. 同学们这是我们的新同学,张鹏。Welcome! 欢迎! 二、重要短语、词汇
open the door 打开门turn the light 打开灯sweep the floor 打扫地板clean the window 擦窗子 put up the picture 挂起图画clean the board 擦黑板

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